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Advantages of the Eastern Poland

Business Consulting Bureau was founded to provide consulting and debt collection service to Polish and West European companies running business in Eastern Europe, and to East European companies (in particular Russian, Ukrainian and Byelorussian) developing business in the territory of Poland and Western Europe.

Advantages of the Eastern Poland:
 - Located on the international transport track – Paneuropean corridor of East-West
 - The neighbourhood of Belarus and the Ukraine markets
 - Educational and scientific-and-research high potential of high schools
 - Big resources of cheap working force
 - Good conditions of development of agriculture, farm and food processing, machinery and wood manufacture, offshoring
   type services and tourism
 - Relatively low costs of payment: 87,9% of the national average
 - Transfrontier institutional cooperation within Euroregion at the Bug River

We are located in Terespol, on the border of Poland and Belarus. Our town offers a lot of interesting plots for investments. On request we will send you a detailed information about investmenets aereas in Terespol and other towns of East Poland.
Location of Terespol on the map of Poland (www.regioset.p)

Location of Terespol on the map of Poland (http://www.mapofpoland.net)
Location of Terespol on the border Poland - Belarus (Brest)

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