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Free Custom Area in Poland

Małaszewicze Terminal - the largest Free Custom Area in Poland
1. Location
Małaszewicze Terminal is located on the main transit route from the EU to Russia, in the Central-Eastern part of Poland. The distance from the Ukraine border is only 120 km and 5 km from the Belarussian border. Małaszewicze Terminal perfectly connects Western Europe with Eastern Europe and Asia.
Between the international road Berlin-Warsaw-Moscow E-30 and E-20 railway line, on the area of 166 ha, a Free Customs Area was created by the decision of the Republic of the Government of Poland  issued on the 24th of March, 1993. Its main task is to facilitate the international exchange of goods and handling of transit freight. Within FCA the industrial production and trade activity - with the exception of retail - are permitted. Investors are provided with all the necessary facilities.
The FCA  offers a railway siding (7.5 km of broad and normal gauge) linked to the line E-20, a water supply network taking water from the intake of high-performance and quality; the telephone communication problem has been  solved. Among the advantages of Małaszewicze FCA is also a clean natural environment where the investments with stringent requirements for the purity of water, soil and air can be implemented.
There are about 60 ha left for lease or perpetual use. In addition, in the immediate vicinity of FZ Małaszewicze there are other investment plots to buy.
The FCA offers utility infrastructure: water supply, power supply, phone, sewage, railway siding with broad and normal gauge, main road designed for heavy traffic. Available means of mobility within the FCA are: pedestrian, by car, by rail.

2. Małaszewicze Free Zone Infrastructure
There is a railway siding (7.5 km of broad and narrow gauge) linked to the route E-20.
In addition FZ offers:
·         water supply network providing water from the intake of high-performance and quality, energy supply,
·         sewage, main road designed for heavy traffic,
·         modern telephone communication line, WI-FI network
The total Free Zone area is 166,41 ha
Rail links of European and Russian standard gauge, with a total length of 2300 m
There is a possibility of reloading cars from train to train, from train to car transporter and from car transporter to train.
Cross-border traffic moves through the three border crossing points located within the municipality area:
- in Koroszczyn for lorries,
- "Warszawski Most" (Terespol) for passenger cars and buses,
- railway border crossing point.

3. Małaszewicze Container Terminal
• Warehousing area: 2 ha
• Maximum number of stored containers: 800
• Handling capacity: 40 000 TEU annually
• 3 trains per week (shipping of loaded containers)
• 3 trains per week (reception of empty containers)
• 2 trains per week (unloading of cars)

4. Małaszewicze Car Terminal
• Area: 24 ha
• Amount of stored cars: 14 000
• Rail links: broad and narrow gauge
• 7 working days per week
• Monitoring
• Customs operations: EX, TIR, T1

5. Proposed plot use
Within the FZ it is permitted to carry on the following activities:
- industrial and production
- service
- warehousing,
- trading with the exception of retail.

The main task of Małaszewicze Free Zone is to facilitate the international exchange of goods and handling of transit freight. Any production, service or trading activity is permitted within FZ.  The only exception is a retail. Such a companies like ADAMPOL,GASPOL have their seat in Małaszewicze Free Zone, and in its vicinity - DAROCHA, TRASA, TRANSBET and ALEKSANDRA companies and some others.

6. Tax relief
In case of manufacturing, processing, fining or apportioning of goods within FZ, the tax relief is applied. Tax exemption include property tax, tax on buildings and structures, amounting 50% of the rate. Entities that invest at least the equivalent of $ 2.5 million in FZ are entitled for 3 years exemption period.
7. Contact

The Real Estate Agency "Terespol" (21-550 Terespol, Wojska Polskiego street 130) will provide all the information and assistance: Real Estate Agency

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